Desecration of Historical Monuments for personal gain

 Main Synagogue in Mikulov


Since 2005, Samuel Fleischman has resided in Mikulov and has served has host to delegations of Rabbis and Jews coming on pilgrimage from around the world throughout the year.


These guests as well as non-Jewish tourists come to visit the Main Synagogue and Ancient Jewish Cemetery. Both properties are currently ‘owned’ by the Jewish Community of Brno ŽOB


The Synagogue is currently being leased to the Museum of South Moravia and has been closed to the public since June 2020 “Due to Technical Reasons”. We have complained to the ŽOB, the Museum and the Mayor’s Office. However, we have yet to receive any positive reply and the Main Synagogue remains locked.

Jewish Cemetery in Mikulov

The Historic Jewish Cemetery is currently leased to the “Society of Friends of Jewish Culture in Mikulov”, a non-Jewish organization that solicits “tax exempt” donations via a fraudulent website.


This organization has prevented Jews from praying at the site during published operating hours by keeping the gates locked and not answering their phones.


However, they are open and selling admission tickets to tourists

on the Sabbath and the High Holidays of Rosh HaShannah and even Yom Kippur - in Violation of Jewish Law and a disgraceful desecration of holy sites.


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