The Jewish Court-‘Bais Din’ of Vienna has agreed to review these disturbing facts that were revealed and published in two Israeli newspapers and recently referred to them by the Chief Rabbis of Prague and the Czech Republic.


It is our hope that they will stop this disgrace at the hands of the
Jewish Community of Brno
aka: Židovská Obec Brno or ŽOB,
who currently claim ownership based on restitution in the 1990s.

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לחצו כאן לקריאת כתבת החדשות המלאה ב- PDF ברור

This ticket was purchased on the Sabbath at the Nikolsburg synagogue, only 9 months after the Brno Rabbi was handed a written “Hasroh” הַתרָאָה or warning of legal action if he did not immediately end this Sabbath desecration under his paid oversight.

This photo illustrates utter contempt for Halacha or Jewish Law.

With HaShem’s help, the local Rabbonim, and the Horowitz Family, we will rescue this Makom Kodesh and establish a new Nikolsburger Yeshiva for Prague and Greater Vienna in this magnificent building:

Let’s work together in Unity!


Local Underwriters

Click here to read the full magazine article in clear PDF